Our Parmigiano

Le nostre forme

Our Parmigiano Reggiano is a result of using milk from our own six farms, for this reason it could be considered unique, in its characteristics both of its quality and purity plus its final flavour.

In fact the Parmigiano Reggiano of our creamery of Roncoscaglia is strictly bound to our mountain territory and its cultural and Know how traditions.

Our Farms:

Our farms are based in Sestola and Montecreto town councils on the Appennino Emiliano mountain, approximately at an altitude of 900mt.

The 95% of the forage requirement for our cattle diet is produced in our farms.

I nostri casari All our farms do not use chemical fertiliser but organic manure to fertilize and prepare the ground.

Most of our farms have been registered in the regional album of organic producers, therefore their own production of cereals and forage has got the organic certificate.

All the farms use the traditional manure with straw instead of the liquid manure. This choice, although if is economically disadvantageous, arises from our efforts to protect and conserve our land using a natural manure with a lower environmental impact.

Our cattle are fed in traditional ways with hay and cereals and during the summer season with green grass.

We have chosen to not use the Unifeed nutrition ( with standard and homogenized ration) because we believe that the traditional one, with its variety increases more the organolectic characteristics of our product.

All the farms are following the strict disciplinary production rules of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, leaving off the fermented alimonies (insilati), the animal alimonies ( meat flours etc..) and by- product industrial food staff.

The milk :

Our cattle are mainly Frisona Italiana breed but there are even the Bianca Modenese and Bruna Alpina breeds.

In our farms the milk is checked on average every 15 days on the quality ( fats, proteins, etc), the purity ( bacterial level, cells, etc) , the casein process characteristics (clostridi, I.d.g.,acidity etc.).

Thanks to the diligence of our farmers and the type of diet given to our cows , our milk has a very high quality leading towards the production of top quality Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Our Parmigiano Reggiano:

Il frutto del nostro lavoro For achieving a top level product even in casein process a lot of care has to be taken.

First of all in the cowshed the milk is cooled down slowly, in a way to let the bacterium have the right changes leading to the production of the creams.

The evening skinning is not excessive to get a cheese with the traditional quantity of fats (the Parmigiano is a semi fats cheese) extolling its organolectic taste.

The right quantity of fats, together with all the other characteristics, enables our cheese to last the long seasoning ( even 2/3 or 4 years) increasing the quality of the final product.

In fact only the best Parmigiano Reggiano last years of seasoning earning it a very good quality.

Our cheese gets the characteristic of ripening very slowly and its beginning to be at e top level at least after 18 months of seasoning.

Even the quantities of way and rennet in the right doses and proportions are giving to our cheese a very peculiar characteristic of softness and sweetness.

In fact, even if it is growing old, it doesn’t result salty and lumpy and it could be eaten during everyday meals and not only used for grating.

We believe that an attentive consumer tasting our cheese, could find in the quality of the product both the history, choices and tradition of a process that has been made carefully and with many attentions.

For the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium the value of the product must be a result not only of the registered brand but even of the creamery where it has been made and its own history.